Product Description:

Maxfix Bands are perforated metal bands suitable for suspending, fi xing, tightening or securing various
elements in building, renovation and DIY settings. They can be easily cut, bent and formed to suit your application
requirements and are a great solution to unexpected problems encountered on a job site.
Maxfix Bands are available as straight or curved, in galvanized steel, aluminium and stainless steel and with a selection
of hole pattern, thickness and width options. Full product and packaging customisation is available on request.

• Shape, width and pattern to suit a wide range of applications
• Dispenser cassettes (10m) offer easy handling and storage
• Can be used with screws, nails, bolts, anchors or any other suitable fixings
• Excellent product for most jobs in HVAC, DIY, sanitary or electrical settings
• Available with a high-quality plastic coating, which provides reliable electrical insulation and resistance to corrosion.
• Easy to cut, bend and form

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